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Craft, n [AS. Craft, art, cunning, power, a craft, barb.]
3. some special ary or skill; dexterity in a particular manual occupation; hence, the occupation or employment itself; manual trade.
Vessel, n [OF. Vessel from L. vasacellum, dim. Of vas, a vessel]
A utensil for holding something, as a vase, bowl, pitcher.

History has cloaked glass under one confining term; craft. Craft can be argued as a word used as an umbrella term to associate glass to its utilitarian functions or in other words its production; a trade or a form of manufacturing. The term vessel implies the space within an object, a space that relates to the pieces function. Therefore the vessels associations with traditional craft can be linked to its function and creation.

When classical vessels were created to be useful or functional, they were referred to as craft objects and not art. For example we don’t use paintings and they are referred to as art. So, in order for glass vessels to be referred to as art, they must be nonfunctional. A debate has been cemented in the foundations of contemporary art: art vs craft. This has been a stumbling block for glass for centuries.

For nearly five years I have been producing a series of work that is challenging what we think of art and craft. Each piece is unique, yet they are all vehicles that convey a similar idea. They are meant to be windows into a new space, an abstract space. To me they are like jewels lying on the ocean floor, contemporary vessels engulfed in tradition. Contemplate this idea for a moment…

… Magnets attract and repel one another, no different than two poles, in other words, binary opposites; one cannot exist without the other. The magnets are not interesting when one considers the field between them. The poles become nearly insignificant; they are only a means of measuring the window between the two…

My pieces are balancing between art and craft, historical form and contemporary sculpture. I am attempting to redefine terms like craft and vessels in order to discover new ideas, and new forms of glass art.


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