Sculptural and functional Objects

Thank you, for purchasing an NRG original. To ensure the quality of your piece remains for years to come…there are a several things you should know. I have a few simple do and do not ideas for you to review:


  • Place your piece near a light source. Remember that if the light is to hot, the piece may crack. Therefore beware of candles.
  • Clean your piece with a damp lint free cloth. Glass cleaner can be use, but not on sand blasted areas.
  • If your piece has a sandblasted exterior surface, you may re-apply a new oil free coating. I suggest, either ‘Rain X’ or ‘Sanishield’. Both are used to repel water spots and fingerprints. Apply three times and you are set for many more years of enjoyment.
  • Brag to friends and family about the unique hand made piece you own and send them to our website!
  • Let it enlighten your world.



* Spray cleaner directly on your piece. The liquid can seep between the (plate glass layers, if it has them) and leave water spots.

  • Immerse the object in water. The water may also seep between the layers.
  • Use an oil or glass cleaner on sand blasted surfaces.
  • Put in dishwasher or subject the sculpture to extreme hot or cold. If you
    Use a candle; the flame must be a minimum of 1-1 1\2 inches away. Again use caution and remember … heat = cracking.
  • Put it in an unlit area. IE: a closet or in storage1
  • Break it.
  • It is glass, so ensure it is in a safe place. This does not include your closet.

Please follow these steps and you will ensure the quality of your piece and my art. Art, that I am certain will stimulates many of your senses. It is a treasure in an ocean of art, a star in your space and sign of your great taste. Once again, thank you.


CARE INSTRUCTIONS 2020 – 02 25 2020 6-00