Memorial Art Glass

Thank you to Cory Porterfield for making us these! These are hand made blown glass with Moms ashes in the blue ones and Cooper and Mayas ashes in the orange ones! Amazing! We will treasure these forever!

❤️❤️❤️ Shawn Riley 2020



Don’t order generic, run of the mill- memorial glass. Get something original!!! Here are our latest fishing lure designs, for the person that loved to FISH!!

We make very high quality memorial art works made by an award winning artists! NEVER GENERIC, ALWAYS ORIGINAL! CUSTOM ENGRAVED!!!

Hold your loved ones memory forever with our unique hand blown glass art. We would be honoured to create a piece of art with your loved ones acremation shes. Each piece is special and an original, just like the person or pet ashes it holds. These paper weighs come in either round or heart shaped.  Colours to choose red, orange, white, blue, green and purple. we offer custom engraved information onto the polished bottoms of pieces which allows the work to be cherished and respected for generation!

Each piece is an original piece of Art made with a small amount of ashes. Cost will vary so please ask us 403-371-4549

PERSONALIZED MEMORIALS- For that special person to be loved and cherished forever.

  • Large Orbs (softball) “CLASSIC ORBS”
  • Small orbs (tennis ball) “CLASSIC ORBS”
  • Vases
  • Hearts (Large and small) “IN MY HEART FOREVER”
  • Christmas Balls
  • Bowls
  • Urns and Grave markers
  • Sculpture- Custom made
  • Pondering stones
  • WE NOW OFFER BEADS and Jewelry!!

Memorial piece – click to see video

Mini vase – Click to see video

We make “CLASSIC ORBS” in two Sizes LARGE (Softball Size) and SMALL (Tennis Ball size)

We also make “IN MY HEART FOREVER” hot sculpted hearts:


FURBABIES FOREVER REMEMBERED- For that best friend you loved so much

We offer many designs including custom pieces. All of our piece include the custom engraved information on them.

  • Dog bones (Furbaby bones)
  • Cats Paws (Paws my heart)
  • Custom sculptures

Dog Bone– Click to see video


Features include:

  • Custom Engraved lettering
  • More realistic bones and paws
  • High quality sculpting