Originally built by Tyler Rock, Aran Stuparik and Jeff Holmwood in 1996 in Norman Faulkner’s (The head of ACAD Glass Dept for 30+ yrs) garage. It was a rental studio for glass people to have a place to create their work at. Artist from all over Canada and the USA had the opportunity to enjoy what Norman had spearheaded.

Eventually  both Tyler and Jeff left to build their own studios. At that point Norman asked Cory Porterfield to run the studio and he did for nearly 5 years.

Then in 2007 Cory dismantled the studio at Norm’s request and moved it to southwest Calgary. It has taken almost 8yrs to rebuild the studio into what it is today! NRG- Norms Reincarnated Garage 2015. Let the positive energy live on! Cory wants the Artist collective/collaboration to grow and help continue to cement the creative culture foundations in Calgary for a long, long time to come!